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Azana Serene is a luxury women's label that designs elegant fashion garments to celebrate progress and potential. We create positive luxury to make women feel good and encourage the connection between aspiration and inspiration. We are preserving the artistry of fashion and style.

At Azana Serene, we are committed to building a heritage of fine design and detailed construction that resonates with diverse women. We believe in the preservation of elegance and honoring excellence through fashion.

The Story
Luxury is a story. It is first crafted by the hands of hard working people and then enjoyed by devoted individuals in their free time or for momentous occasions. These beautiful pieces become a part of a moment and elevate what is already important or special to us. Luxury exists simply to make one happier, more comfortable and make a moment live on forever.
We are honoring successful women and special moments with fashion. Our ambitious spirit encourages confidence and praises every milestone. We like to use fashion to reinforce the value of hard work and make sure success, in every form, doesn’t go unnoticed. We celebrate women with quality that feels good.
At Azana Serene, we put artistry and fine craftsmanship at the heart of every story because the hard work is always in the details. Our appreciation for classic and iconic styles drives every design and motivates us to craft unique and timeless pieces for the modern women.

Azana Williams is a California native and FIDM alumni. The fashion designer entered the industry at 21, creating her first collection of gowns for sophiticated, trailblazing women. This collection planted the seed for Azana Serene. It furthered the designer's passion for luxury garments and desire to highlight excellent women. Azana's vision for the label is to become a leader in the interpretation of luxury fashion and elegance.

Azana is deeply inspired by the opportunity to be a new voice in luxury. She finds motivation in the cycle of inspiration and aspiration created by driven women. With fashion as the ultimate medium, this designer is preserving elegance and finding new ways to reach the remarkable women with timeless fashion.

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